Jobbing Umbrella Company Employees may have a nagging feeling that job interviews have become progressively more arduous; new research by specialist recruiter Randstad confirms that this is no mere figment of the imagination.

2,000 people were polled in the survey. Those who had successfully changed jobs in the last 12 months reported that the interviewing process was on average 27% longer than in 2008. Taking into consideration the whole process of finding and securing a job, respondents reported that they spent ten weeks and five days on average, which is up 23% on the 2008 average of eight weeks and five days.

Those seeking consultancy roles have also noticed a toughening up of the interviewing process – psychometric, psychological or aptitude testing is required for more than twice the number of roles today than in 2008, rising from 14% to 29%. The number of vetting checks on candidates –qualification verification references, CRB checks etc – has also grown substantially, delaying the hiring process by 15.2 days, which is up from just 10.1 days five years ago.

Randstad’s UK CEO, Mark Bull, said that employers are looking for more ‘bang for their buck’ following the recession: skills that might have been satisfactory five years ago may not pass muster today. Hirers are increasingly looking for a capacity to develop in the role and provide something valuable to the organisation over a period of time.

The survey also found that a perfunctory internet search in preparation for an interview was woefully inadequate. The more successful candidates augmented their Googling with direct contact with employees of the organisation they were aiming for and a briefing from a recruiter.

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