The jobbing Umbrella Company Employee always faces an area of doubt when relying on recruiters to source new contracting opportunities: are they really matching me with the best contracts for my skills and experience?

A unique recruitment firm based in Knowlsey may have the cure: demand for its ‘big data’ solutions to recruitment skyrocketed in 2013. JobsTheWord is the first UK recruiter to offer a big data approach to matching candidates with employers. It seems that its approach got a resounding thumbs up from hirers and job seekers last year, with December turning out to be the recruiter’s most successful month to date.

Explaining the company’s approach, co-founder Lee Harding said: “We have developed a bespoke platform, which uses complex algorithms to extract intelligence from online profiles, blogs and websites. This means we are able to reach potential candidates, on behalf of companies, and inform them of opportunities they may never have otherwise known about.”

Big name clients have been attracted to JobsTheWord’s solutions, as employers have a keen interest in sourcing the best talent for the openings they have on offer. Brands using the service include Amazon, easyJet, 02, Samsung and WorldPay; the firm also supports startups and SMEs.

As a result of its burgeoning success last year, the recruiter appointed six additional staff and moved to bigger premises in the Stanley Grange Business Park.

Mr Harding’s co-founder and company technical director, Will Crandle, said that the firm’s use of big data had opened up opportunities on a scale not previously seen in the recruitment industry.

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