An independent report has shown that there has been a fall in the number of job vacancies that have been advertised, while contracting and temporary opportunities are on the increase.

It has been shown that businesses are not advertising the same number of vacancies that they were a year ago, but that they are still on the lookout for talented workers with the right skills. Many are using CV-by-email services to find the right people for the vacancies and contracting work that they do have. Around half of businesses are actively recruiting and many use more than one job board to find staff.

The way in which people are finding work is also changing, as around 11% of job seekers would approach a company directly, even if no vacancy was being advertised. They are also turning more to social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter to find out about potential work opportunities.

The research has also shown that contractors are likely to use a smartphone for seeking out opportunities, and jobseekers are likely to use this as a method of applying for work. Workers opting for contracting will often be on the move rather than at home waiting for the phone to ring, so the use of mobile technologies has risen a great deal and more and more employers are seeing the benefits of this type of technology. In response to this, job boards are increasingly offering a mobile version of the site to make it accessible from anywhere.

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