PAYE Umbrella Company employees across the country will be interested in a new report produced by the Fabian Society and the PCG, which has chronicled the rise of freelancing and contracting in the UK’s workforce.

A plethora of industry experts contributed to the “New Forms of Work” study, which reveals that the nature of employment in the UK has been undergoing substantial change, with the availability of traditional permanent roles diminishing significantly and temporary and part-time alternatives increasing appreciably.

At the core of the report is the suggestion that many existing institutions tasked with managing work and unemployment have failed to keep pace with the trends and are in need of reform.

The Fabian-PCG study isn’t short on suggestions, however. Economist Wilson Wong advocates the “flexicurity” model widely used in Denmark, which takes account of new patterns of rapid job changing fostered by liberal employment protection. Trade unions too have come under scrutiny, with the founder of the US Freelancer’s Union joining forces with MP Chi Onwurak to argue for greater awareness of the needs of a more “footloose” workforce.

The design of benefits, tax and job programmes need to change in line with the transition to more insecure short-term and part-time work patterns, added Fabian Society General Secretary Andrew Harrop, while PCG MD John Brazier said:

“Freelancing has grown to become a crucial component of the UK economy – in both the good times and the bad. The report from the Fabian Society highlights some of the key issues at the heart of our way of working and offers real insight into how businesses and the government can facilitate freelancing for the benefit of all.”

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