Contracting Umbrella Company techies and other IT professionals are more likely to obtain their next job or contract through social and professional media sites than ever before, a new survey from the IT Job Board has suggested.

The vast majority of recruiters polled in the survey – 92 out of 105 – said that they now use social and professional media sites to locate suitable candidates for the tech-related jobs and contracts they need to fill. And well might they: of 856 IT pros also polled in the study, a resounding 74 per cent said that they too used social media sites to hunt for new work opportunities. Even more (84 per cent) said that they would be receptive to being approached through these sites to consider such openings.

Overwhelming as the majority in favour was, however, not all techies share the enthusiasm for being head-hunted or searching for work through social media. 26 per cent do not use the channel to look for work and 16 per cent actively objected to being approached by recruiters or companies on their social media sites. The latter cited concerns over privacy and annoyance with work offers that were irrelevant to them.

The MD of The Job Board, Alex Farrell, said:

“The near universal adoption of social networks in the last decade has been nothing short of exceptional with recruiters being amongst the first to leverage this channel. However, it is evident from our research that recruitment professionals now need to up their game – particularly if negative perceptions amongst candidates are to be avoided as a result of their online social and professional network activity.”

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