Umbrella Company techies contracting as IT pros may be approached by recruiters for a choice new assignment even if they are not actively searching, thanks to new social recruiting solutions from Monster.

Monster UK’s MD, Andrew Sumner, announced the launch of the new products yesterday, explaining that they will help recruiters to source the best candidates: “These new products challenge the conventional notions of social recruiting ‒ in particular how to find and reach that elusive demographic of truly passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. These products form a cornerstone of our mission to provide All the Jobs and All the People to the UK market.”

Of particular interest to IT contractors is a new social search engine, TalentBin® by Monster, which scours vast amounts of professionally-relevant data shared by potential technology candidates on social networking sites. It uses current professional activities culled from relevant sites to assemble a rich, professional candidate profile that includes contact information.

The best candidates will be efficiently identified by the engine, Monster claims. It will provide recruiters with access to over 100 million candidate profiles, as well as to Monster’s own proprietary database containing three million searchable CVs. In the context of an acute shortage of IT profiles such as QA engineers and developers, Monster will provide products and services “which are especially dedicated to the recruiting of these target groups”, Mr Sumner explained.

Other offerings include Monster® Twitter Cards, which make job ad tweets searchable through the Twitter network, and Monster® CRM, which is a targeted messaging system enabling recruiters to send emails to the best candidates with just a few clicks.

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