Further evidence has emerged about the impact the UK’s growing skills shortage is having on businesses in the form of a new national survey of 500 company managers conducted by CareerBuilder.

Half the respondents are worried about the expanding skills gap in the UK, and over one-quarter (28%) currently cannot source suitably skilled candidates for open positions in their firms.

23% of the respondents reported having vacancies that have remained unfilled for 12 weeks or more, while almost half say they are concerned about the negative impact the skills shortage and such extended vacancies are having on business. 25% said they were seeing falling staff morale because existing employees were carrying heavier workloads, and 17% said that skills shortages were hampering business growth. 12% reported revenue losses and 10% reported increased staff turnover.

CareerBuilder’s MD, Scott Helmes, said that the UK’s skills shortage was not about to vanish any time soon. He continued: “There is a growing disconnect between the skills employers need and the skills that are available in the labour market today. This causes workers and companies to miss out on realising their full potential and creates multiple negative consequences for businesses. As a result, we see more employers investing in training programs that will allow their business and employees to be more competitive, not only today but in the future.”

An implicit message in the survey, however, is that many employers, unable to source suitably skilled candidates for permanent openings, may turn instead to contractor solutions such as skilled Umbrella Company Employees and other professional freelancers.

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