Demand for experts in IT contracting may climb a few notches in the wake of an independent survey of 200 SMEs in the UK, which found that a disturbing 40% of them suffered a significant data breach.

The report, commissioned by GFI Software, reveals that the breaches occurred as a result of malicious files or booby-trapped links delivered by spam emails. 86% of the IT decision makers polled reported that the volume of spam coming into their companies’ inboxes has either increased or remained the same as last year. Nearly half (46%) rely only on the spam filtering facilities in their antivirus software. 22.5% utilise an anti-spam gateway appliance while 20% rely on dedicated software solutions. Cloud-based solutions were used by only 7.5% of the respondents.

PAYE umbrella contractors with security expertise in the IT skills market could well find themselves drafted in by these firms. According to GFI’s Infrastructure Business Unit General Manager, Phil Bousfield, the spam problem “is not going away.” He went on to say that “the delivery of malicious links and files makes it more dangerous than ever before. Businesses need to respond by taking advantage of all the latest spam-fighting technologies available to them.”

Mr Bousfield explained that the rising volume of spam “is a growing burden on IT administrators looking to find the optimum and most cost-effective approach to email security.” He suggested that the most effective defence, which is increasingly being taken up by larger companies, is to deploy cloud-based anti-spam solutions, which prevent spam from entering the network in the first place.

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