PAYE umbrella contractors working in the IT skills market may experience another surge in demand for their services if advice from a leading managed services company is heeded. Advanced 365 has recently urged entrepreneurs running smaller enterprises to embrace cloud computing technology, after a recent survey from suggested that many SMEs are sceptical about the potential benefits to their business of adopting the model. Almost three quarters of SMEs polled (74 per cent) in’s study revealed that they do not presently use cloud computing, with 43 per cent admitting that they’re unsure about what, exactly, it is.

Advanced 365’s Managing Director, Neil Cross, said that the figures were “hardly surprising” – cloud computing technology is evolving exceptionally rapidly and the number of options available is proliferating continually, making it a struggle for SMEs to keep up with, let alone understand. He also noted a failure on the part of some value added resellers and IT service providers to promote the commercial benefits of cloud computing, mainly due to their own lack of understanding. This is exacerbating the problem, he believes.

Mr Cross claimed that SMEs are unable to make informed decisions about cloud computing for their business if the advice they are receiving from existing suppliers is unclear. He urged small firms who believe this might be the case to consult a specialist cloud partner for advice. By choosing cloud technologies tailor-made to their specific business needs, Mr Cross added, small companies can reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies substantially, as the cloud typically minimises the cost of in-house IT-management.

If permanent IT posts fall in companies turning to the cloud, there may well be an increase in the use of temporary IT specialists working for umbrella companies who have expertise in cloud technology.

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