As the campaigning amongst political parties for the general election heats up, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has launched an online Question Time quiz to test voters’ knowledge of party policies on employment.

Describing recruiters as “the engine that drives the UK labour market”, REC director of policy Tom Hadley said: “Yes, the quiz is a bit of fun but what we’re also trying to do is raise awareness of the employment issues being debated in the campaign so far, and get people thinking about what the parties are advocating and how this could affect them. There are a lot of claims and counter claims being made about the jobs market by politicians and we expect to see more of that before polling day on 7th May.”

The online quiz is one component of a broader REC campaign aimed at encouraging policymakers to build the best jobs market in the world.

To this end, the REC created a Manifesto for Jobs last December aimed at whoever forms the next government, which called for:

  • Everyone to have the chance to succeed through work.
  • Business growth and jobs creation to be accelerated.
  • The best local jobs markets to be built.
  • Our position in the global marketplace to be enhanced.

The REC also wants the next government to implement a pragmatic immigration policy that takes account of labour market requirements and helps UK businesses to find the skilled people they need.

Umbrella Company Employees and others in the UK’s professional contracting community are likely to endorse the REC’s call for government to do more to support the people who choose to work flexibly.

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