Umbrella Company techies looking for new contracting opportunities in 2014 might do well to hone their skills in web analytics, as company managers on both sides of the Atlantic form a stampede for candidates with big data skills.

So says specialist digital marketing recruiter ClockworkTalent, which anticipates demand for web analytics continuing to grow strongly in 2014, making it one of the most sought-after skill areas of the year.

A 2012 survey of 600 company managers in the US and UK revealed that, in the previous 18 months, more than two-thirds had appointed a lead figure for data management and analytics. Appointments are likely to grow in 2014 as firms across the globe increasingly embrace measurement and analytics.

According to ClockworkTalent director Natasha Woodford, one of the biggest drivers for the burgeoning demand is the dramatic rise in the number of brands running mobile advertising campaigns. Mobile ads allow brands to ‘hyper-target’ potential consumers in real-time, and measuring the efficacy of those campaigns is critical.

The result, Ms Woodford adds, “is the demand for comprehensive analytics becoming more and more paramount.”

She continued: “However, most agencies and brands recognise they don’t have enough of these skill sets and experience under their roof and are turning to specialist recruiters to expand their talent pool with these skills. We noticed an increase in mobile and analytics jobs in Q4 of 2013 and only anticipate this increasing.”

Ms Woodford recommends that, in a highly competitive market, interested candidates would gain an important advantage by accreditation for Google Analytics with the Individual Qualification.

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