PAYE umbrella contractors specialising in the IT skills market are increasingly being sought by US firms, according to research from the online business marketplace

The hunger for the UK’s digital talent is greatest in Texas, New York and the home of Silicon Valley itself, California, the study reveals. It also shows that freelancers specialising in IT contracting are concentrated in specific areas of the UK, with London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow topping the poll.

IT consultants with skills in three areas are being recruited most avidly by US companies, the figures suggest. These are writing/translation (chiefly copywriting and copy editing for web content), web design (including web programming and application development) and graphic design (including logo design).

Xenios Thrasyvoulou,’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, maintains that the research shows the UK in a very favourable light, confirming that it has one of the most skilled and talented IT sectors in the world. He added “Our figures show clearly that the UK is producing highly skilled IT consultants. The huge growth in hiring UK IT consultants from the US when both countries have high unemployment shows that the UK staff are not just taking surplus jobs but competing with their US counterparts in a highly competitive marketplace.”

He also found the strong performance of UK talent in highly competitive IT jobs markets such as Silicon Valley especially positive. Silicon Valley is known to attract IT specialists from across the globe. Mr Thrasyvoulou added “This shows that it isn’t just US IT specialists that the UK consultants are successfully competing against but IT specialists from other countries too.”

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