A recent survey by online recruitment firm webrecruit brings encouraging news for Umbrella Company employees on the lookout for new assignments: a massive majority of UK employers, of all shapes and sizes, intend to hire more staff over the next 12 months.

In a context where no one can be absolutely certain that the UK’s recession has really turned the corner, 89% of hirers plan to expand their temporary and permanent personnel during the next year. Given the growing uptake of contractor solutions by British firms, it is a fair bet that a healthy proportion of the new posts will be contracting roles.

Just under half (46%) of respondents expect to recruit up to ten new staff members. As the number of planned recruits increases, however, the percentages decline, as might be expected: 19% of those polled said they intended to hire between 11 and 50 new recruits, 7% planned to hire between 51 and 100, and only 3% intend to expand their headcounts by between 101 and 205. The surprise number, though, is that a substantial 13% – the third largest group of hirers – said that they planned to appoint over 250.

Webrecruit’s founder and director, Phil Roebuck, hailed the results as “fantastic news”, with most businesses either planning modest increases in staff numbers or preparing for “dramatic growth.”

He added: “Given that we’re continuously surrounded by talk of how the economy is in crisis, this really shows that there is positivity for many businesses. It isn’t all doom and gloom out there, and I think we could all do with looking to the future and keeping the past behind us!”

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