Umbrella Company techies with Video-on-Demand (VOD) skills in their repertoire of talents are securing premium rates for their efforts because demand for their services is outstripping supply.

This is according to the latest JM Digital Index report, which also reveals that the digital economy in the UK delivers a bigger slice of the GDP pie than in any other G20 nation. Billings for permanent digital specialists have leapt by 25% since Easter this year.

Digital firms are also turning to Umbrella Companies to find specialists with the requisite skills; despite a minor lull in demand for digital contractors over the summer, it has since rallied and is described in the report as “extremely high.”

Much of the recruitment expansion is being driven by the craze for Video-on-Demand: in 2007, the online TV and film market was worth £11 million. Today, with major new entrants such as Netflix and YouView leaping aboard, it is valued at a breathtaking £379 million.

Contractors working in the sector as project managers or UX designers can command premium pay rates of £500 per day; virtual designers can confidently expect to trouser £400 a day.

JM Digital’s CEO, David Pye, believes that existing VOD firms and new entrants alike are recruiting digital contractors as never before in order to boost subscription numbers. He said: “We do not expect to see any let up in the demand for VOD skills any time soon as this sector looks set to grow. If you are an IT worker this is a great area to be in at the moment.”

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