Further promising news has recently emerged for professionals working through umbrella companies in the IT skills market. According to Nathan Marke, who is Chief Technology Officer at the IT service provider, 2e2, more businesses are turning to cloud computing to increase flexibility and reduce costs, a move which should generate extra demand for IT contracting.

Mr Marke was speaking after the publication of a new International Data Corporation (ICD) report which reveals a growing trend in the direction of cloud computing. According to the report, the market in global cloud systems management software will have reached a massive £1.55 billion ($2.5 billion) by 2015.

Cloud computing technology offers businesses much greater flexibility, Mr Marke said, providing the potential to deliver growth at a reduced cost. In general, he went on, cost pressures have grown inexorably whilst IT departments struggle in the background to improve business agility and manage the “peaks and troughs in demand for applications and services.”

By contrast, cloud computing models allow businesses to achieve considerably more flexibility in their cost and skills base, Mr Marke continued. But they will also simultaneously deliver the optimal scalability for growth “at less cost and with greater flexibility than traditional IT models.” More and more organisations are realising this potential, he added, sharing his belief that cloud computing will become a “top technology priority” for businesses in the coming twelve months.

The IDC report also revealed that, increasingly, IT customers are expected to manage a blend of non-cloud, cloud and private cloud IT resources. IT contractors, it would seem, are set for a busy – and lucrative – future.

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