Contractors working through umbrella companies may be interested in recent research charting the effects of the recession on the freelance jobs market.  Recent studies by, Europe’s largest online jobs marketplace, and leading HR group, the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) both suggest that as permanent posts disappear, freelance opportunities are rising.’s study confirms the earlier findings from the CIPD research – work that had previously been kept in-house, especially in the public sector, is increasingly being outsourced to contractors.  More than 120,000 freelancers regularly scour the 70,000 plus jobs advertised on the website.  And, PAYE umbrella contractors take note, a fair proportion of those jobs were once available only as salaried posts in the public sector.

During 2010, the body count of salaried jobs axed from the public sector in the wake of government spending cuts reached a staggering 132,000.  But data from suggests that, for example, digital projects once kept in-house in public sector organisations are now being outsourced as never before: the number of digital job postings appearing on the site leapt by a breathtaking 315 per cent over the last year.

The switch to increased use of freelancers by public sector organisations is a relatively recent trend, at least when compared to the private sector, which turned to contractors swiftly when the recession started to kick in, cannily saving the additional costs associated with hiring permanent employees.

However, a worry about these trends is that saturation point may not be too far off – without truly substantial economic growth, and more public sector cuts on the way, the freelance jobs market could well start feeling a little overcrowded.

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