The Manchester Airports Group (MAG), the UK’s largest airport operator, has launched a major new recruitment drive known as MAG Connect. The campaign was announced yesterday as London Stansted Airport – one of the group’s holdings along with Manchester, Bournemouth and East Midland Airports – held a jobs fair in Tottenham.

The initiative is in response to expected growth over the coming years. The group’s four airports generated £7.1 billion of economic activity in 2016, representing a 15 per cent increase over the previous year. This growth helped create 5,000 jobs within the airports themselves, the supply chain and industries including construction, tourism and transport that relied on or were linked to the operations.

Over the next decade MAG is committed to investing £1 billion into a new terminal and airfield facilities at Manchester Airport. A new arrivals facility costing around £130 million is also planned for Stansted.

Charlie Cornish, CEO of MAG, said: “Our airports are critical contributors to the ongoing economic health of the country, providing a gateway for welcome foreign investment and ensuring that the UK is able to meet the growing demand from international leisure and business travellers.

“Increasingly, our airports are also providing hubs for a vibrant global air cargo industry, spurred on by the huge growth in e-commerce. We also know that delivering growth in the right way is key to securing the support of our stakeholders.

“And as our airports continue to grow over the coming years, we recognise the importance to local communities of being able to deliver this growth while managing the environmental impacts associated with our operations.”

As part of MAG Connect, the company will be moving its recruitment efforts away from the airports themselves and into local areas. Yesterday’s jobs fair at Tottenham marked the start of a new partnership between London Stansted Airport and Tottenham Job Centre Plus

The UK’s Minister for Employment, Damian Hinds, said: “With record levels of employment, businesses should be looking for new ways to fill vacancies. The area is just over half an hour away from Stansted by train but suffers from high unemployment.

“Today’s announcement will not only help more local people find work, it’s also an excellent example of a company working innovatively with Jobcentre Plus to benefit the local Tottenham area.”

MAG said the scheme would benefit local communities and allow airport-based employers to make more local hires.

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