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New research from Investec Private Banking has revealed that 25% of the UK’s professional permanent employees are unhappy with their work-life balance.

Investec polled 2,000 professionals in the UK, seeking their views on their existing work-life balance. Nearly one-third (29%) reported that their work-life balance had worsened since 2010, although 33% were hopeful that it would improve over the next five years.

Professionals working in the capital were most likely to be seen as ‘workaholics’. 38% said that this was the term used by family and friends to describe them; even so, 64% said that they still “loved” working in London.

Wayne Preston, head of banking at Investec, said: “We continue to see high levels of demand being placed on professionals throughout the UK. Advancements in technology make it harder than ever to ‘switch off’ outside the office and achieve an ideal work-life balance. Life doesn’t exist solely between the hours of nine and five, and working in a global marketplace across multiple time zones means the pressure to be always-on is high.”

It may be that pressures of this magnitude may persuade more professionals to take charge of their employment and manage their careers on their own terms, as many thousands of professionals who have begun contracting as Umbrella Company Employees have already discovered. Improved work-life balance and improved pay rates are frequently cited by professional contractors as the principal motivations behind their decision to eschew permanent employment in the first place.

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