While employers appear to have confidence in the flexibility and reliability offered by skilled Umbrella Company employees and others in the UK’s professional contracting community, they appear to be considerably more circumspect about flexible work arrangements amongst their own employees.

So suggests a new survey of 2,000 employees and 200 business owners conducted by Samsung UK. Even though 52% of senior business leaders believed that flexible working could improve productivity, a substantial 28% said that they don’t trust their staff to work flexibly.

Amongst employees, however, the wish to work flexibly is strong, with 27% stating that they would choose flexibility options over pay increases.

A mismatch appears to be emerging, however, as 31% of the employers poled – almost one-third – did not consider it their responsibility to offer their staff the means to work flexibly, suggesting that they feel unable or unwilling to implement such practices.

Graham Long, Samsung UK’s VP of enterprise business, said that the results indicate the ongoing influence of “ingrained cultural attitudes” amongst employers in the UK towards flexible work arrangements for their permanent staff.

Mr Long continued: “There is clearly a huge appetite for flexible working and during winter it makes business sense for employees to be not only equipped with the tools to work wherever they may be but also feel that their employers trust them to do so. With the winter weather now upon us, it’s essential that UK businesses overcome the ‘trust gap’ to allow enterprises and employees to reap the benefits of a well-regulated flexible working model.”


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