It is no secret that Umbrella Company Employees often work longer hours than permies when they get stuck in to an assignment; however, while keeping busy is good for the bank balance, it can sometimes mean neglecting a vital passport to the next assignment – a well-presented CV.

Thanks to a partnership between and technology firm VMock, this not-so-small task has just got a whole lot easier. Meet Resumax, the first online service to evaluate and score resumes in line with the best industry standards for time-pressed candidates.

The unique patent pending platform also offers detailed feedback and customised suggestions for improvements, sharing targeted examples to show just how to do it. Professional resume writers suddenly have some stiff competition to contend with: this interactive platform assesses and scores CVs just as experts would and pinpoints exactly where and how improvements can be made.

Using CV writing criteria obtained from a range of recruiters and companies, the platform features core-competence algorithms and benchmarks a candidate’s resume within a pool of other samples in order to calculate an objective score.

Amit Jain, business head at, described Resumax as an instant feedback platform that assigns a score (the RScore™) based on three core elements: the resume’s Impact of Content, its effectiveness in representing Soft Skills, and its Overall Presentation.

Mr Jain said: “Resumes are the core of any jobseekers profile; however, recruiters are increasingly spending less and less time filtering through candidate resumes. It is therefore imperative for jobseekers to have resumes that pop! We are excited to introduce the unique Resumax solution to help jobseekers build world-class resumes that can clear the 30-second scan test.”

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