UK Umbrella Company Employees who wish to see greater recognition for professional freelancing from policy makers across Europe may wish to register their support for the recently-launched European Freelancers Movement via its new website,

The site encourages Europe’s growing army of independent professionals (iPros) to add their signatures to the new freelancers manifesto, which was launched last week at the European parliament in Brussels by the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP). The manifesto urges EU decision makers to provide greater support, recognition and fairer treatment for Europe’s nine million professional freelancers.

The European Freelancers Movement, which was launched by Berlin-based iPro Joel Dullroy, recently raised over £5,000 in a crowd-funding drive. Commenting on the increasing momentum of the movement, Mr Dullroy said: “We have been absolutely blown away by the level of response from freelancers – first to our request for funds to get the project off the ground, and then to the call to get behind our cause. Already thousands of independent professionals have put their support behind our campaign for recognition, fair treatment and support.”

Endorsing Mr Dullroy’s remarks, EFIP patron and professional freelancer John Niland said that the European Freelancers Movement means that being professionally independent no longer equates to being isolated. He added: “Adding your signature at is important because it gives us proof of the strength in numbers, and in feeling, that is present within the freelancing sector.”

The Freelancers Movement, Mr Niland added, supports the manifesto in raising the profile of the independent contractor sector in Europe by showing policy makers its size and importance for the wider economy.

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