With thousands of small and medium UK enterprises – many Umbrella Companies amongst them –  facing their pension auto-enrolment staging dates over the next few months, a prominent recruitment agency has warned that adopting the right payroll technology as early as possible will be crucial to how well they manage the changeover.

Altrincham-based Meridian Business Support concedes that the full impact of auto-enrolment is yet to be felt by many businesses in the UK; however, getting the right payroll technology in place as swiftly as possible will help to ensure that the changes are dealt with with minimal business disruption.

To this end, the recruiter has published a free white paper to help companies choose the most appropriate software solutions for their business and staffing levels while remaining fully compliant with the many legal stipulations contained in the Pensions Act. Companies with temporary/contracting staff on their books face particularly complex issues in auto-enrolling their workforce onto a qualifying pension scheme – a predicament Meridian itself has already faced.

Meridian’s chief executive, Mark Mitchell, said that his agency recently auto-enrolled its own staff onto an eligible pensions scheme and was one of the first group of UK businesses to complete the process. He continued: “This process has given us a real insight into the complexities of handling the legislation, which appears to pay little attention to the logistics of dealing with a transitory workforce. We’re now in a fantastic position to share best-practice with our peers, and one of the most valuable lessons learned was that the right technology can remove many of the headaches associated with auto-enrolment.”

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