Evidence suggests that more and more workers in the UK are turning to flexible working as a more attractive working option.  Of course, contractors have recognised the benefits of working flexibly for decades.

The Work Foundation’s Stephen Overell, has been speaking about the benefits to employers in adopting flexible working practices for their employees.  It is his belief that more and more employers will adopt this approach as they realise the benefits to their businesses.

At present, flexible workers in the UK only account for a very small percentage of the UK workforce.  However, with the emergence of more sophisticated technology there will be more opportunities for people to work this way in the future.  This is especially likely as the traditional 9-5 work pattern is likely to become a thing of the past.  Many businesses now operate outside of traditional work hours.  Mr Overell believes it is unlikely that 9-5 work practices will disappear altogether but he does believes that flexibility will change the shape of businesses in coming years.

A recent survey conducted by Work Wise UK found that the UK workforce experiences a working week which is longer than most other European countries.  The survey found that three quarters of the UK workforce work overtime on a regular basis with a third not receiving any recompense in terms of additional wages of TOIL.  One in 6 of those individuals surveyed also admitted to working over sixty hours every week.

Another survey, conducted by Everything Everywhere found that 82% of the SMEs questioned believe that there is a direct link between flexible working and increased productivity and motivation.

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