Crystal Umbrella is proud and delighted to announce their full admission to the Association of Employment Management Companies (AEMC). Crystal Umbrella becomes the third independent company to be given the full AEMC stamp of approval and this announcement reinforces the seriousness of the objectives that the AEMC are putting into place within the industry.

Like every other member of the AEMC, Crystal Umbrella went through the strictest of independent legal and accountancy audits in accordance with the AEMC code of conduct, rules and regulations to ensure that they met the high level standards that are needed to be part of a trade body.  The key aims of the AEMC are to play a vital role providing a united voice with lobbying powers to HMRC and government and a comprehensive set of standards for the Umbrella industry; removing the risk of non-compliance to both Agencies and Contractors alike.

The crystal clear solutions offered by Crystal Umbrella have always been built on the foundations of promoting and encouraging compliancy, security and transparency within the payment solutions market; key factors associated with the AEMC. Both Crystal Umbrella and the AEMC share founding principles including integrity; compliance; competence; equality and awareness

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