There could soon be new opportunities for contractors following the announcement of the new nationwide Technician Council. The aim of this new Council is to support technician growth in the manufacturing, scientific research and engineering sectors. The plan for this new Council was outlined in Skills For Growth back in November.

Pat McFadden, Business Innovation and Skills Minister, commented:

“In securing future economic growth it is essential that we have the right people with the right skills in the right jobs. Employers must be able to find skilled technicians and be confident that their knowledge and abilities have been rigorously assessed. The new Technician Council has a vital role to play in bringing together all of those who employ and train technicians to make this happen. It will also champion rising standards and promote the immense value of technicians to our economy. I believe that Steve Holliday has the experience and ability to drive this agenda forward.”

This follows on from the working group which was led by Lord Sainsbury last year. This group explored the possible registration of technicians and representatives from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Science Council and Engineering Council were involved in those discussions.

Lord Sainsbury commented: “The supply of technicians is critical to the long term health of the UK economy, and in my discussions with key stakeholders in industry, government, public services and the professional bodies I have found widespread support and great enthusiasm for action to improve it. The establishment of the Technician Council will provide a simple and effective mechanism for channelling this support into promoting the professional status of and recognition for technicians.”

Chief executive of the National Grid. Steve Holliday, concluded: “As the Chief Executive of National Grid I am only too aware of how important technicians are to the success of our business. I am delighted to have been asked to chair the Technician Council. I look forward to working with other key stakeholders to build a framework for a modern class of technician to ensure that this critical role in the workplace is more widely recognised and respected. I am particularly keen to ensure that young people have a better understanding of what technicians do and the rewards that training to be one brings them.”

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