New research by specialist IT recruiter Randstad Technologies suggests that the conventional wisdom about August being the worst month of the year to recruit new tech talent is wrong.

August is traditionally seen as the time of year when the talent pool dwindles as people take off for sunnier climes for their summer holidays. Why look for skilled Umbrella Company Employees or new permies when they are likely to be dozing on sun-kissed beaches? Randstad’s research reveals, however, that the average number of jobseekers for each vacancy during August is 3.1; for the rest of the year there are an average 2.3 jobseekers for each vacancy.

Another intriguing finding for techies on the lookout for plum contracting assignments or the most sizzling permanent openings is that the optimal month for landing the hottest IT and digital opportunities is January. The study found only 1.2 candidates chasing each new vacancy during the first month of the year.

Randstad Technologies’ managing director, Mike Beresford, said that August is the month to get the best odds on sourcing high-fliers, with June and July also favourable.

Mr Beresford continued: “These figures show the competition for the best talent is less intense. With the ratio of candidates to potential vacancies so advantageous to the hiring organisation, the summer is an ideal time to recruit. You might not be able to count on the sun during a typical British August, but if you are in the IT and technology industries you can count on having to fight that little bit less hard for every candidate you want to hire.”


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