PAYE umbrella contractors supplying the IT skills market are amongst those IT professionals experiencing greater confidence about their career prospects, according to a new poll by the recruitment firm

Three out of every four of the IT workers polled across the country are confident that they will be offered desirable roles over the coming six months. Speaking to the news provider “Recruiter” magazine,’s Head of marketing, Mark Rhodes, said that the attitudes reflect a “slow and steady recovery” in virtually all areas of the private sector since the beginning of 2011. IT professionals appear to be especially positive about the immediate future.

Mr Rhodes went on to say that demand for IT staff is on the rise as more UK companies are “gearing up for a return to growth,” although he anticipates that the sector will once again experience a skills shortage as this trend gathers momentum.

The poll coincides with data from the pre-employment screening firm Powerchex which reveals that offers for IT contracting in the financial services sector fell by 80 per cent in January. However, the figures also show a rise in contract offers of 3 per cent between January and February, and 8 per cent over the last year as a whole. In a press release, Powerchex MD Alexandra Kelly applauded the stabilisation in the number of confirmed appointments made to IT contractors, which was good news for those seeking contacting opportunities. But, she cautioned: “things have a way to go to recover in this area.”

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