PAYE umbrella contractors may be amongst those to benefit from the new private sector-led “Start-Up Britain” initiative to support prospective entrepreneurs. Aimed at delivering the best possible support and advice from established entrepreneurs to startup companies, the project is a response to the Government’s call for an “enterprise-led recovery.”

Promising to champion the 270,000 new businesses staring up every year in the UK, Start-Up Britain could help generate new work for freelancers on contractor payroll as small firms adopt the growing trend for flexible workers rather than permanent staff. It has received warm endorsements from Prime Minister David Cameron and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

The initiative will provide new entrepreneurs with expert support worth £1,500 and is committed to promoting entrepreneurship within every school in England and creating Enterprise Societies in all UK universities. It has attracted the backing of several major international brands so far, including Virgin Media, Microsoft, Intel, Experian, BlackBerry, Barclays and McKinsey and Co.

Talking to the contractor news outlet Shout 99, Mr Cameron said that there were thousands of people in the UK who were entrepreneurs but just didn’t know it yet. There are, he insisted, “millions of success stories that haven’t been written yet.” He urged people who had been turning over good ideas in their minds for years to seize the opportunities offered by Start-Up Britain and “make it happen” to drive the economy forward.

The CBI’s Head of Enterprise and Innovation, Dr Tim Bradshaw, was equally positive, saying that the initiative could encourage more young people to become “business-savvy.” Providing extra support for entrepreneurs could, he believes, “inspire more people to take the plunge and start a new business.”

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