If you’ve been in the UK for the last few months, it will have been virtually impossible for you to have missed talk of the possibility (or the likelihood, as some pundits would have it) of a double-dip recession. The recent Comprehensive Spending Review, it would seem, has set a cat amongst some very nervous pigeons. New research from data hosting centre City Lifeline, however, suggests that the vast majority of IT managers – 86 per cent – are intending to continue spending in IT equipment and services, despite fears that the economy may enter a second recession. The IT contractor payroll, it would seem, will remain healthy even in a turbulent economic climate.

The survey was conducted over two days at the IP Expo Exhibition, and revealed that green IT has been impressing the UK’s IT managers.  According to City Lifeline’s managing Director, Roger Keenan, the green IT skills market in particular may survive relatively unscathed: most IT managers are prepared to invest more in green IT technologies because they can see the benefits and realise that more efficient equipment and services will save money over time.

The IT managers who were interviewed for the survey confirmed that they had been receiving encouragement from senior management to opt for green equipment for both Corporate Social Responsibility and financial reasons. Those in the IT contracting community who have the relevant green IT skills will take cheer from these findings, which suggest that there’ll be plenty of work lined up for them in the coming months and years.

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