Umbrella companies supplying contractors specialising in the IT skills market may well see a rise in demand following warnings to the UK’s small businesses from the British Software Alliance (BSA).

The organisation’s Director of Compliance Marketing, Julian Swan, has advised the UK’s SMEs against the temptation to cut corners when it comes to security in cloud computing. Acknowledging that cloud computing technology has become firmly established in the commercial world and elsewhere, Mr Swan warns that the BSA recommends a degree of wariness when it comes to data security.

More and more firms are certain to turn to the cloud. As Mr Swan concedes, “Cloud computing is here to stay and it has created a technological revolution that many businesses have already capitalised on.”

So far so good, but is there a dark side to the cloud computing ‘force’? Swan believes that there is. He cautions businesses to become more aware of the potential threats technology misuses can pose to their survival. Elaborating, he said “As with traditional technology or software; privacy, data transfer, fraud and security can all become compromised with misuse or corner cutting in an attempt to save time and money in the short-term.”

Although growing in usage, cloud computing remains a relatively new technology. Many small businesses wishing to capitalize on their cost-cutting potentials may well decide to hire PAYE umbrella contractors to ensure that their most sensitive data remains secure.

With that said, Mr Swan affirmed that cloud computing technology was now a fact of commercial life. He urged businesses to draft in the IT expertise necessary to ensure the safety of their data whenever they adopt the cloud.

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