There have been concerns that the opportunities for skilled IT contractors will continue to decrease over the coming months as a result of the cuts in public sector spending which will lead to the saturation of IT consultants all vying for any available positions within the private sector. However, the doom and gloom does not take into account the new positions which are created as a result of such social networking phenomenons as Twitter.

Looking at recruitment website,, you will find that there has been a 300% increase in the number of ‘Twitter Consultants’ who are being sought. Businesses are buying into the value of using social networking sites and are looking to employ individuals with the know-how to allow them to tap into this marketing opportunity.

Founder of, Xenios Thrasyvoulou, spoke to Shout 99, stating: “We’re seeing increasing demand for social media experts to oversee the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of a very wide variety of companies. It’s a profession that’s likely to continue to grow. The feedback we’re getting from the small business sector suggests that if companies aren’t paying attention to social medias, they’re missing significant marketing and sales opportunities.”

The recognition of social networking as a marketing tool has already taken off in the States. Social media consultant, Tony Wood, commented: “We’re six to 12 months behind American companies. In the US, around 90 percent of the top companies are really serious about social media and have invested in the infrastructure to make things happen. Here, it’s improving rapidly, but only around half of the FTSE 100 companies are proactively harnessing social media outlets. And when you get down to SMEs, it drops down to around a quarter.”

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