IT experts contracting as Umbrella Company Employees may want to avail themselves of the coveted Chartered IT Professional Certificate of Current Competency in the wake of a recent survey from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. The poll found that, on average, those who hold the CITP certificate command high-end annual pay rates and salaries amounting to £92,000.

According to the Institute’s director of membership, David Evans, certificate holders “can command such salaries because of their competence, their commitment to keeping their skills current and up to date and to professional ethics and values, all of which are valued by employers.”

CITP certification, which is widely recognised as a hallmark of professional dedication and integrity, can be achieved through a mixture of peer assessment and formal testing. Upon being awarded, the certificate of competence remains valid for five years, whereupon professional competencies will need to be revalidated.

Holders of the certificate are required to abide by a code of conduct that defines professional behaviours, and must thereafter be accountable for meeting it.

The Institute estimates that bad hires cost companies dearly – often in the region of £50,000 – and as a result more hirers are seeking ways of ensuring that they are appointing the right people first time around.

Richard Atkinson, the CIO of the firm Just Giving and a certificate holder himself, said that the progression of the IT industry depended on embracing recognised standards. He added: “CITP holds value for employers in developing employees to provide a greater service at every level, and in helping to retain those employees through recognition and fostering a sense of accomplishment.”

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