A prominent recruitment expert has offered jobseekers and freelancers in the UK’s contracting community some valuable guidance on how to successfully navigate toward new opportunities in a radically different post-downturn recruitment landscape.

Umbrella Company Employees looking for fresh fields to work in may have noticed that, post-recession, the route to the jobs market has become a good deal more complicated. Mark Moreau, executive search managing director at recruitment firm and HR consultancy True North Human Capital, puts it succinctly: the days when the Sunday Times appointments section was the most trusted barometer of the jobs market are over.

Mr Moreau continued: “Similarly, the monopoly imposed by the cartel of big four search firms is now over, as their antiquated processes and fee structures are being eroded away by the plethora of ‘niche’ and ’boutique’ consultancies cropping up on a global basis. The resultant situation is that your route to market has been diluted and as everyone begins to poke their head above the parapet, post-economic crisis, confusion reigns and common sense has seemingly been thrown out the window.”

Mr Moreau proposes a clear, three-pronged route to success: “omni-channel job hunting”. Ignite your network or contact list: it is no longer considered crass to call a prospective employer to discuss whether your skills will match requirements. Mr Moreau claims that many come away from these conversations with the offer of an informal meeting, and a high number of these culminate eventually in job offers.

Next, Mr Moreau advises, pinpoint the companies you want to target; finally, understand who you most trust to partner with in the recruitment market – but don’t play one recruiter off against the other.

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