A seminar is to be held on 25th February in Aberdeen to address a number of topics relating to the international and domestic workforce, along with the various types of payments made to employees.  One of the central focuses of this seminar will be taxation.

A number of genuine situations have been turned into case studies that the seminar will use to discuss a number of relevant topics.  Several key issues relating to employees in the UK will be addressed, including problems with IR35 and the employment status of contractors.  The use of umbrella companies will also be the focus for some of the case studies.

Whilst there are certainly a number of domestic matters to discuss at the seminar, a number of international issues will also be addressed.  One such issue revolves around properly paying employees who live abroad.

Lili Hunter, a partner at Ledingham Chalmers LLP, said of the seminar “This seminar will look at the various issues which need to be taken into account, including ensuring employment contracts, immigration and tax are appropriately dealt with to avoid penalties on both sides, and options available for the streamlining of payroll.”

Hunter also referred to the energy industry, pointing out that it employs a significant number of international workers and contractors, which presents a number of issues.  She said that many employers struggle to properly determine payment methods for everyone in their employment, which can lead to a number of problems that need to be faced.

Source: oilvoice.com

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