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PAYE umbrella contractors specialising in the IT skills market may draw a little cheer from new figures released by specialist recruiter Computer People: according to the firm’s monthly IT Monitor report, permanent IT vacancies rose by 0.06% in January, while IT contracting roles climbed by 0.05%.

IT contractors didn’t fare so well in the finance, banking and insurance sectors, where contract roles fell by 1.39% during January. Permanent vacancies in these sectors rose by 1.4% on the previous month.

IT contractors working in the retail sector, however, saw openings climb by 37.29%, while those in telecoms saw contractor roles rise by 27.03%. Demand for permanent roles was more modest in each of the two sectors, but still increased.

Permanent salaries inched up a little cross-sector, growing by 0.72%. However, contractors saw the healthiest growth in pay rates – 4.12% on average. For contractors with certain specialist skills, the rise was even steeper – over 7%. The most highly remunerated skills lay in permanent business intelligence, .NET/C#, and Oracle. Also hitting a pay increase in excess of 7% were contractors netting Web developer, contract SQL server, IT director and database roles.

Sid Barnes, Computer People’s Executive Director, said: “Many organisations have realised that we might be without a definitive economic outlook for some time, and particularly so for Q1. Therefore, hiring managers are continuing to recruit staff to meet requirements, which fares well for jobseekers in 2012, as it looks set to be a largely candidate led economy for at least the first half of the year.”

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