The number of employers planning to expand their temporary/contracting headcounts over the next three months has climbed by 9% in one month to hit 44%, the latest JobsOutlook report from the REC reveals.

In the longer term (4-12 months), 30% of employers intend to hire more agency workers and contractors, suggesting that demand for temporary and contracting staff is holding up robustly.

While this is a most encouraging finding for Umbrella Company Employees seeking new assignments in the near future, the report also brings glad tidings for people seeking permanent roles. Two-thirds (66%) of the employers polled said they would be increasing their permanent workforce over the coming three months, a rise of 8% on last month’s total, while 52% said they would do so over the next year – a month-on-month rise of 2%.

Moreover, almost one-quarter of employers (24%) plan to recruit seasonal staff over the Christmas period. Opportunities for flexible and permanent staff alike, in other words, appear to be increasing.

Kevin Green, the REC’s chief executive, said: “This is fantastic news for people looking for work around the UK, with managers on the lookout for temporary and permanent staff and in the build-up to Christmas and beyond.”

Mr Green went on to note that consumer confidence appeared to be returning, a trend reflected in the fact that demand for workers in the hospitality and logistics sectors was outstripping supply. He added: “The rise in consumer confidence is also likely to impact on job fluidity, as increased opportunities in the jobs market will allow people to take the next step in their career.”

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