OSR Recruitment Services has responded to an article which was published in The Mail on Sunday which reported that they had supplied Polish workers to a meat producing factory purely because they could speak Polish as ‘out of context.”

Forza AW, who supply cooked meat to Asda supermarkets were being accused of anti-British discrimination as the adverts for their vacancies via OSR Recruitment stipulated that applicants should speak Polish even though the jobs were based in the UK.

A statement released to The Recruiter from OSR stated: “OSR wish to make comment that following the very short notice it received from the client that they needed workers to start at this site as soon as possible, we were also informed that the latest inductions were being performed by the client in Polish. Therefore, we looked to initially place Polish-speaking workers with this company for obvious reasons.

“We should like to point out that there is nothing illegal about this type of positive selection criteria in such circumstances where reliance on health and safety briefings (for example) in factory settings are crucial and should, wherever possible, be made to persons in their first language.

“OSR therefore believes that the story as reported was ‘out of context’ and wishes to correct the misinformed suggestion that only Polish workers are being selected to work for this client; this is absolutely not the case.”

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