Remember when only the most elite professionals used social media to find new contracting assignments and jobs? New research from Adecco suggests that those days are over. Social media, as the preserve of an elite few, is history: it’s going mainstream.

Adecco’s global study polled 1,500 recruiters and 17,000 jobseekers from 24 countries. 70% of the recruiters surveyed said that they used social media to source candidates and 50% of job and contract hunters used the channel to find new opportunities.

Today, for Umbrella Company professionals on the lookout for new assignments, social media reputation matters as never before. LinkedIn profiles come top of the reputation tree at 68% and Facebook is also clearly a relevant force, with 52% of recruiters using it to assess a candidate’s reputation.

Another finding is that candidates are still undervaluing the professional relevance of the content on their personal social networks. While most state that they refrain from posting compromising pictures or sensitive comments on their personal sharing networks, they still appear to underestimate the crippling effect that bad and inappropriate content can have on their prospects for work.

Adecco’s director of social media and online marketing, Silvia Zanella, said: “This is where Adecco guidance can help. The predominant relevance of social media recruiting is a reality today and undoubtedly also in the future. We can help job seekers get the most out of the unlimited opportunities available through the proper use of social networks, and provide recruiters with the best tools to improve the quality of their professional social media practices.”

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