Social Media buttonsSocial media has revolutionised the way in which recruiters work but they must refrain from bombarding candidates with irrelevant offers, the managing director of the IT Job Board has warned.

Alex Farrell observed that millions of individuals are posting literally billions of pages of information about themselves on social networks. A recent IT Job Board survey of recruiters found that 96% used social media to identify candidates.

Another poll of 856 IT pros found that 74% used social media to look for jobs and contracting opportunities. 84% said they were receptive to being approached by recruiters or firms through social or professional networks if new work opportunities arose.

Some Umbrella Company Employees and other contractors may count themselves amongst the “vociferous minority” who “absolutely do not approve of recruiters or companies contacting them via social sites.” Mr Farrell explained that around one-quarter of the respondents said that they were being contacted by recruiters via social sites at least once a week and were irritated by spam (too many of the offers were simply irrelevant) and concerned about their privacy.

Mr Farrell added: “From the prospective candidate’s perspective, this is an inexcusable error given the amount of information they may have posted about themselves. In short, the pressure is increasingly on recruiters to work more intelligently if they are not to kill the social golden goose.”

Mr Farrell recommended the use of intelligent search engines such as Open Web, which deploys multiple filters to match candidates with the most relevant upcoming roles based on their skills and experience.

Social media, for both recruiters and candidates, is here to stay.

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