Skilled contractors working through PAYE Umbrella companies look set to enjoy a bumper year in 2013, with a new forecast suggesting that employer hiring of temporary staff will exceed the historic highpoint reached in 2008.

The latest annual survey from Staffing Industry Analysts predicts a jobs bonanza for PAYE Umbrella contractors next year, with hiring expected to hit an average of 106% of the 2008 high water mark. Some sectors, however, are projected to experience even greater demand, with locum tenens (doctors filling in for unappointed or absent doctors in understaffed health facilities) expected to see hiring levels soar to 128% of their 2008 pinnacle.

Specialists in IT contracting are also set for an assignment bonanza in 2013, with hiring anticipated to reach 116% of the earlier acme. Engineering and design professionals will similarly exceed the record-breaking new average, seeing demand rise to 111% of the 2008 peak.

The survey clearly makes encouraging reading for skilled contractors in a number of sectors. It states:

“Demand for temporary talent in these (and other) occupational skill sets are at historic high levels. If the supply of workers willing to accept these temporary roles is not readily available, pay rates will rise and time-to-fill will lengthen as buyers compete for scarce resources.”

Some sectors, however, are likely to see a decline from their 2008 zenith, including office/clerical staff and per diem and travel nurses. The latter two are forecast to reach levels approaching just 80% of the 2008 hiring highpoint next year.

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