The PCG carried out a survey on National Freelancers Day which asked for the opinions and experiences of 1600 freelancers. The results have shown that, with the exception of business services, IT contractors have been affected more by the recession than contractors working in any other sector. A massive 70 per cent of contractors working in computer services stated that work for IT contractors had become more difficult to find since the start of the economic downturn. In fact, only 16 per cent of IT contractors had not experienced an effect on their pipeline of contracts during the recession.

Of course, other sectors have been affected too. 60 per cent of engineers surveyed have experienced a reduction in contracts. However, the lucky few working in sectors including journalism, PR/Publicity and other creative roles had not experienced as severe an effect from the recession.

Speaking about these findings, a spokesperson for PCG commented: “Due to the fact that IT contractors tend to work for big clients, such as financial institutions and government departments, it is more likely that in the recession they will shed contractors as a savings exercise. There is a greater propensity for big business and large departments to outsource and look for the most efficient way of managing this procurement process.”

One contractor who took part in the survey commented that IT jobs within the public and  private sector were always vulnerable to outsourcing, with or without a recession, although  a recession does make the contracts even harder to come by.

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