The start of a new year is always a time for reflection and planning for changes. This week already we have seen PCG outline what they believe to be the necessary focus for the government and policy makers in terms of freelance workers. Now, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) have spoken out about the policy issues which they believe to be most pertinent as we go forward in 2010.

We know there is going to be a General Election in the first half of the year and so the REC point out that this period of campaigning for a new government and indeed the newly elected government making an impact, will be a “pivotal” time in terms of influencing policy.

As such, the REC have released a statement in which they detail their “key lobbying priorities” for the year ahead. These priorities will be in addition to their campaigns within the financial services sector, interim management, technology, construction and healthcare.

The REC director of external relations, Tom Hadley, stated: “We face an action packed regulatory agenda in 2010 with a full hand of red hot issues. As well as fighting our corner and pushing back to government, we will use developments in areas such as safe recruitment and equality to highlight the positive contribution of the industry.”

He concluded: “The REC will continue to fight for the best possible regulatory landscape and it will be more important than ever to maintain a strong collective voice for the industry over the coming year.”

The head of public policy at REC, Anne Fairweather, said they would be taking forward issues of business tax and red tape, employment and skills, the benefits of a flexible workforce in the UK, public sector employment and the regulatory environment as a whole.

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