The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has published its latest Report on Jobs, which reveals that where the latest increase in the availability of jobs is concerned, October was actually the slowest month in over a year.

Every month the REC publishes its report in conjunction with KPMG. The October report details a slowdown in vacancies and placements for both permanent and temporary workers. There was, however, a rise in the number of candidates looking for permanent work according to the recruitment agencies consulted by REC. This was the first rise since June. There was also a sharp rise in candidates in the contract sector which was the fastest since March.

Of course, the continuing concern is that the cuts in public sector funding and subsequent job losses will not be replaced by opportunities in the private sector. However, the REC’s Kevin Green believes that the latest figures prove that the private sector can cope with fallout.

There has been a significant change in the REC’s index over the past six months. In October the permanent reading was 52.6 while the reading for temporary workers was 51.6. In comparison, back in March the index was sitting at 65. There is still a lack of confidence in the permanent and temporary sectors leading to a reticence in recruitment.

With particular reference to the IT sector, there has only been a nominal rise in demand for staff over the past twelve months. In October the REC index for this sector showed a reading of 54.2, compared with 52.2 a year ago.

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