If you are on the lookout for new opportunities in the world of IT contracting, the REC has some encouraging news for you: the latest Report on Jobs reveals that demand for IT professionals topped the poll in February, along with Construction and Engineering roles.

PAYE umbrella contractors earning their daily bread in the IT skills market will also be pleased to hear that temporary workers saw their pay rise at the fastest rate in four months. Economic conditions might still be tough but they appear to be improving, a view shared by REC Chief Executive Kevin Green, who said:

“The labour market is clearly improving as this month’s Report on Jobs shows the strongest performance on permanent placements for nine months. Demand for staff also rose at the fastest pace for four months, so jobseekers should take heart that there are vacancies out there. Slowly, private sector employers are becoming more confident as the gloom, caused by a slowing economy late last year and fears about the eurozone, recedes.”

The temporary jobs market did experience a slight dip in February but appears nonetheless to be in surprisingly good form, even after the full implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations. The feared temporary jobs Armageddon does not appear to be materialising, although it may yet prove to be exerting a moderately dampening effect. Mr Green acknowledged the difficulties, adding that although the temporary jobs market has declined slightly since January, agency work continues to be an important outlet for jobseekers and employers, with over one million temporary workers undertaking assignments in any one week.

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