The REC is to launch a series of local events during which local recruiters can address questions directly to their constituency MPs.

Called Spotlights, the 2½-hour-long events mark a new departure for the REC, enabling recruiters to raise questions face-to-face with the nation’s lawmakers about the issues that affect their business on a day-to-day basis, such as the Conduct Regulations, the Agency Workers Regulations, National Minimum Wage, VAT exemptions and the Equalities Act. Needless to say, many of these issues are of direct relevance to Umbrella Company Employees, many of whom depend on recruiters to source clients for their next assignments.

MPs, the REC notes, are empowered to endorse, amend, oppose, question or champion laws such as these, which impact on business every day.

The aim of the meetings is to inform local MPs of pressing concerns in the industry and to help them build a better picture of what recruiters need them to do when they return to Westminster.

The REC statement continues: “It’s clear that ministers have huge influence; they can call reviews, create consultations and initiate new legislation, but back bench MPs (of all parties) can wield huge influence as well. They sit on select committees, demand debates in the House of Commons, and can pose probing questions about issues that are important to their constituents in debates and in writing that government departments must answer.”

The programme of events will begin in South West, when local REC members in Bristol can meet MPs Kerry McCarthy (Lab, Bristol East) and Stephen Williams (Lib Dem, Bristol West). A second event is scheduled for Derby on 10th May.

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