The Recruitment and Employment Confederation have issued some heartening news for jobbing Umbrella Company Employees looking for new assignments in 2013.

A survey of 600 employers found that despite sluggish movement in most sectors across the board, the market is expected to inch towards small incremental growth throughout the next 12 months. While most of the employers surveyed said that they are looking to recruit and retain permanent staff, the outlook for freelancers and contractors does not look any less promising in comparison, with 88 percent of employers planning to increase their numbers of temporary staff.

Speaking about the findings, chief executive of the REC Kevin Green pointed to them as proof that the UK business is battling through a difficult period with some success: “These are encouraging signs. Even though the wider economic outlook may still be uncertain and growth forecasts have been revised downwards, the resilience of this country’s labour market cannot be in doubt.”

All this could mean that areas such as those that have consistently demonstrated a demand situation driven by shortages of appropriately skilled staff – and companies looking to continue opting for more fluid recruitment solutions – could be a rich source of opportunities for specialists with the skills to exploit them.

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