PAYE umbrella contractors working within travelling distance of Liverpool may soon find that opportunities for work placements in the area will surge, thanks to a report compiled by former Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy and Tory party grandee Lord Heseltine.

The document explores the possibilities for job creation, economic growth and investment in Liverpool, and contains a number of significant recommendations that appear to have the approval of the government. Amongst the proposals is the immediate implementation of Network Rail’s £560 million ‘Northern Hub’ plan, which the authors protest is “long overdue.”

Supporting the government’s desire to promote a culture of enterprise, Sir Leahy said that he and Lord Heseltine “firmly believe Liverpool can play a central role to delivering that vision.” He went on: “There has been a great deal of change in Liverpool already, but Lord Heseltine and I wanted to identify how the strengths of the city and its surrounding areas could be built on to ensure success, and help those parts that need extra support.”

The report sets out to combine ideas “that have a real potential for growth.” Already, local councils in Liverpool, local businesses and the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership have agreed to co-operate together to stimulate growth as per the report’s recommendations.

If it gets the full seal of approval from government and the recommendations are implemented, contractors working through umbrella companies and many others could benefit substantially. Current estimates are that it would generate at least 30,000 new jobs in the area, and improve links between Liverpool and Yorkshire by providing 700 trains a day (that’s 44 million passengers in a year).

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