Trade body PRISM has urged contractors to get behind its new nationwide Yes2T&S campaign that targets George Osborne’s devastating stealth tax on the flexible workforce.

The chancellor wants to cut travel and subsistence (T&S) relief from April 2016, which PTISM says would reduce take-home pay for contractors by an estimated 20% overnight.

Contractors have always been able to claim travel relief, as the nature of temporary work means travel arrangements are unpredictable, journeys are longer, and many are not eligible for savings available to ordinary commuters.

T&S continues to be a vital benefit for both contractors and the economy, as it enables talented professionals to travel longer distances to fill temporary roles and provide key skills to SMEs and large corporations across the county.

It is also one of the few perks they enjoy, as they don’t receive the same access to maternity, sick and holiday pay and pensions.

PRISM has now launched a new campaign ahead of the chancellor’s autumn statement next month and is calling on all flexible workers to make themselves heard by sending the campaign email to their local MP.

PRISM CEO Crawford Temple said: “Flexible workers travelling to temporary workplaces often over large distances should not be being penalised like this. It is unfair and unworkable. The taxman believes he is taking a undeserved perk away from people playing the system. We know different.”

He added: “Only you can stop this stealth tax, which is a well deserved tax relief given to the legions of contractors depended on by private business and public bodies to keep the wheels turning.”

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