A recent survey of 700 UK employers reveals that, while many have a high opinion of PAYE umbrella contractors, a significant number hold somewhat antediluvian (and inaccurate) views about them.

The poll was conducted by the Hudson recruitment agency and found that over a quarter of UK employers (28%) considered contractors from both umbrella companies and limited companies to be more engaged with their work and more productive than permanent staff. However, 14% were operating under the assumption that contractors are intrinsically less loyal than permies.

Contractors were also polled in the survey. 77% expressed a high level of loyalty to their employers, regardless of the duration of their placement contracts. More than half believed their permanent counterparts were as productive as themselves, dispelling misgiving about potential rivalries between the two groups.

Moreover, in more myth-busting findings, contractors are as happy to participate in work-related social events as permanent staff and 10% are willing to take on roles with more interesting work content for less money.

Commenting on the poll, Hudson Europe’s CEO, Mike Game, said “Bosses should take heart from these findings, because they are depending on contractors more and more at critical times. Contractors are more than just an asset for productivity and business performance. Not only are they strongly motivated to hit the ground running from day one, they are keen to be part of the social fabric, without the hassle of office politics. It is clear employers underestimate the loyalty and commitment of their non-permanent workers.”

Mr Game went on to add that these findings are particularly interesting in the context of the new Agency Worker Regulations.

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