Full time employees are in higher demand than their flexible working counterparts according to a new staffing report published by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

REC’s ‘Report on Jobs’ for April shows that the market is in desperate need of skilled workers to fill vacancies and positions with a total of 10 IT skills being noted as scarce by its member agencies during the month.

In contrast, only five IT skills are currently in short supply for contractors and freelancers in the tech market. These have been identified as Business Intelligence, SQL, PHP, Java and Digital, which suggests the previous dearth of talented .Net and Business Analysis flexible workers has now abated.

However, both of these skills remain sought after for permanent IT roles. The ten hard-to-find skills for employee positions also include Java, Linux, SQL, Sharepoint, Development, Digital, C++ and PHP.

KMPG spokesperson Bernard Brown said: “The declining pool of available labour continues to force pay up. With two in five recruiters in the UK reporting falling candidate availability, spiralling salary growth remains a concern as businesses bid against each other to secure skilled staff.”

Despite the fall in scarce skills, more companies are looking to source IT contractors with REC’s index showing a reading of over 50, which signals growth is stronger than in the previous month.

The IT and Computing sector has remained steady throughout the first quarter of 2015, increasing slightly in April, according to the latest report to 62.2 from the 61.7 reading in March. That figure is down on January’s 62.6 but higher than February’s 61.6.

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